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You can also click on the water heaters to see more details on Rheems website.


 Classic Plus Atmospheric 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

This is a builders grade classic natural gas water heater. It is a basic style with the basic essentials. You can never go wrong with a classic Rheem water heater, this is our most popular unit on the market for its outstandingly low price. Designed to last longer than normal life expectancy the water heater provides ventilation at the bottom specially created to avoid clogged airways or having to continuously clean the bottom. These water heaters have a life expectancy of 10-14 years !

  • 8 year warranty

  • .58-.66 UEF

  • Eco-friendly burner

  • 40-55 gallon capacity

  • With proper maintenance can live up to +50 years.

  • Has an energy saver tank option.


  • They usually live past the warranty so you would have to buy one every 15 years.

  • Lower UEF can result in costing you more throughout its lifetime.

standard electric.png

Classic Standard 55 Gallon Electric Water Heater

This standard electric water heater is very similar to the classic natural gas water heater as far as looks goes but this is very different. The standard electric water heater provides a safer energy source. It also can save you more money than a natural gas water heater does. This design also has an average life of 15 years or more. The good thing about this water heater is if anything happens under the warranty you are guaranteed no out of pocket expenses for repair or replacement!

  • 6 year warranty

  • .90-.93 UEF

  • Enhanced flow brass drain valve

  • 40-55 gallons

  • design reduces conductive heat loss

  • Can live up to +50 years with proper care

  • Designs also have an energy saver option


  • Usually lives past the warranty

  • Even with such an amazing efficiency there will still be a very small cost throughout its lifetime.

 Prestige Series: Hybrid Electric Water Heater


This water heater has the same features as the standard and classy water heaters, BUT with upgrades you absolutely would not believe, from free AC to paying you back ! It has come from the future to save our homes. It's a special hybrid water heater that also has an app that will tell you if there was a leak detected or a part has failed. Thats not all its famous for, this is the only water heater designed like this!

  • 3.55 UEF, meaning 355% effiecieny, so not only did you save enough money to reimburse you for the cost of the water heater, but also about an extra $2000 will be saved within its lifetime.

  • It has a multitude of upgraded features.

  • 10 year warranty

  • Eco Net app for safety.

  • Energy saver 

  • Delivers hot water faster

  • Touch screen


  • It might live past the warranty.

  • It at first does cost alot of money (but will save you twice as much money)


Marathon Electric Water Heater w/ Limited Lifetime Warranty

Have you ever wanted to pay for a water heater just once in your forever home? Marathon offers a lifetime warranty BUT it is only your warranty in the home it is installed in. See the website for more details. It is the most durable unit designed to not age or rust. With this fancy water heater you are guaranteed a lifetime of happiness and hot water.



  • .90-.92 UEF

  • Most durable ever made!

  • WONT corrode

  • Polybutylene tank

  • 30-100 gallon

  • Lightweight

  • LIFETIME Warranty

  • Same efficiency as standard electric water heater.

  • If you move the warranty will expire for the water heater.

We Now Service: Tankless Water Heaters

Endless hot water begins here


also finances !

Call the office today for more details.

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