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Our affiliations are our connections to companies we service.  We are small company with a big affiliation.  But, we are never over booked, and we are never too good for a “small” job.  On this page you can click on an icon and it will take you to that page.  There you will find information about that company and their reviews and/or our reviews.  While on that page you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to either the review page or that company’s website where you can obtain more information if interested in purchasing home warranty.


We are NOT an employee of any of these affiliations.  We merely have made an agreement to be a plumbing contractor for that company.  Each company has their own rules and regulations as to what is needed to be a contractor with them; if you want to know more about this contact that company.  For these companies they all require that we pass a background check.  So, take comfort in knowing that this has been done and we pose no harm to you, your family or property.  Some of them require that we hold insurance, up to certain amount.  Others necessitate that we wear uniforms, so the homeowners can acknowledge what company we are representing.  They all demand that we provide excellent customer service; but that’s not a problem with Jeff Baker LLC as we take pride in making sure our homeowners are happy with our work.

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