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Just Better Plumbing LLC, is a minority owned business lead by Keena White Baker, serving Georgia and Alabama since 2015. Specializing in commercial tenant build-outs and residential service and repair.

Tell Us Your Experience!

dont be afraid to be honest

we value your feedback

on how we can grow 

to be better for you

About ME
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What separates us from other companies is a simple concept: Do you, Be honest and Own your flaws or (D-BO).  If we are Doing us, we are following the current codes.  We are not taking short cuts.  If we are Being honest, well that one explains itself...we are going to share the good, the okay and the ugly. We do not believe in secrets; secrets just delay the repairs. And if we Own our flaws, we are given the chance to change those flaws into strength, growth by educating ourselves.  So here at Just Better Plumbing you can find a piece of mind.

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